Standard Xchange has been the leading designer and manufacturer of shell and tube heat exchangers for nearly a century. The company began in 1917 as Ross Heater Mfg. Co., in Buffalo, N.Y., where it still resides today. Ross Heater started as a supplier of heat exchangers to the newly booming oil refineries of the era. In 1953, after being purchased by American Radiator and Sanitary Standard twenty years earlier, Ross Heater merged with Kewanee Boiler, and the conglomeration became known as the American Standard Heat Transfer Division.

American Standard was purchased by ITT Corporation in 1986, and the heat transfer line became known as ITT Standard. After corporate restructuring in 2012, ITT Standard became Standard Xchange, part of Xylem, Inc. Although its name has changed over the years, the company’s commitment to quality design and manufacturing has remained unyielding. Standard Xchange was the first American heat exchanger manufacturer to gain ISO 9001 certification in 1993.

Standard Xchange is proud to be “the complete heat exchanger company,” providing a full line of quality heat transfer products to solve any heat transfer problem. Their product line includes pre-engineered shell and tube exchangers, custom shell and tube, plate and frame exchangers, brazed plate exchangers, air-cooled exchangers, and more.