Standard Xchange’s air and gas aftercoolers are the reliable choice in air-cooled heat exchangers. The AirEx comes in two models – the AX for regular applications, and the AXD for dirty environments. Both of these models feature an aluminum bar and plate core and are available in multiple sizes, with an option for a low noise motor. AirEx air cooled heat exchangers are up to 65% smaller than thermally-comparable fin tube designs.

The FanEx is Standard Xchange’s plate fin core air-cooled heat exchanger. The FanEx is available in air to oil and air to water/glycol models, and features electric motors. The plate fin core is made of aluminum fins and copper tubes. Its robust overall construction and patented Amaspher turbulators inside the tubes mean your FanEx will continue to work reliably and effectively even in the most taxing environments.

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