Heat Exchanger Design, Inc. (HED) offers a wider variety of hairpin heat exchangers than any of its competitors. Hairpin heat exchangers afford true counter-current flow, making them well-suited for applications with specifications such as high pressure or high temperature, extreme temperature crossing, or small to large surface areas.

HED ofers Hairpin Exchangers in single tube, (Double Pipe Heat Exchangers), or multiple tubes, (Multitube Heat Exchangers), bare tubes, finned tubed, U-tubed, straight tube, fixed tubesheet, and removable bundles.

All hairpin heat exchangers are designed and fabricated to ASME and TEMA standards and client specifications.

HED offers a number of options for custom hairpin heat exchangers. Surface areas for these units range from 1 square foot to 6,000 square feet, and pressures range from full vacuum to over 14,000 psi.

Marathon (Alba Platform) - 12 High Pressure Hairpin Exchangers for offshore Applications (Duplex Material & Sea water) x

Pemex-A Bank of Hairpin Exchangers
Chevron - 20" OD Hairpin Heat Exchanger

Marathon - Well Stream Cooler (20" OD x 0.25" thk x 20" LG) Hairpin Heat Exchanger