Standard Xchange’s Brazepak line of brazed plate heat exchangers is an extremely versatile solution to heat transfer.

brazepaks-roughThey are compact, at about one-sixth the size of a comparable shell and tube heat exchanger. They are highly thermally efficient, requiring one-third to one-fifth less surface area than a shell and tube to accomplish the same duty. They require little to no maintenance after installation.

The vacuum-brazed construction, resulting in a self-contained unit, makes brazed plate units ideal for high temperature and high pressure applications. These low-cost, high-performing heat exchangers are well suited to a wide range of services from oil cooling to refrigerant condensing and more.

Brazepak brazed plate exchangers are made of 316L stainless steel plates with your choice of copper or nickel brazing material. Double wall models, code constructions, and custom connection and mounting options are also available. For example, the ASME code stamp is low cost and does not incur any delivery delays on Brazepak units.

For more information, please see the Brazepak brochure, or contact us to discuss how a brazed plate heat exchanger can be the solution to your heat transfer situation.